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River, Star and Sky is now available!

River, Star and Sky: Poems for the Egyptian Gods is now available in paperback and Kindle! These are poems I have written. They are not from ancient sources.

Here is the page with more information:

River, Star and Sky

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Poem: Dispel Darkness

standing goddess NephthysDispel Darkness

by TahekerutAset

It’s My birthday

My day to shine

To be in the limelight

I am the Hidden Goddess

I am the one unseen

Yet I am always present

At every shrine

At every ceremony

At every temple space

For I am the Lady of the Temple

I guard the threshold between the holy and profane

I guard the shrine from impurity and all unholy things

I am the guardian

I am the guide

through shadow and darkness

I shine when darkness reigns

I dispel darkness with My light

The Sun’s power is Mine

since I am the Daughter of Ra

and the Eye of Ra

The Nile’s power is Mine

since I am the Daughter of Nut and Geb

The Storm’s power is Mine

since I am the Sister of Set

since I am the Mourner of Wesir with Aset

since the Nile’s flood is caused by rain

by the Two Sisters, who mourn Him

I am the Goddess

Who shines so bright

I dispel darkness

With My light

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Poem: No Darkness Can Withstand My Power

Aset with throne headdress
by Jeff Dahl

No Darkness Can Withstand My Power

by TahekerutAset

I am Aset, the Brightest Goddess in the Sky

I am Sopdet

I am the Solar Eye

I am the Moon when it is full

I am the stars filling the night sky with light

This is who I am

as the Brightest Goddess

I gleam

I glow

I shine

I illuminate all pathways, all roads

I dispel darkness

With light

I dispel fear

With candle flame

So, come to Me

When you are fearful

Come to Me

When you are afraid

And I will quell your fears

And I will give you the strength you need to endure

I am the Possessor of Strength

I am the Lady of Power

I burn away all fear with My flame

All darkness retreats from My light

For I am the Fiercely Bright One

And no darkness can withstand My power

Gods, Oracles, Poems, Poetry,, Poetry, Poem, Set, Seth, Writing

Set, Great of Strength

Set, Great of StrengthSet, Great of Strength

by TahekerutAset

I am Set

Great of Strength

Lord of the Oasis

Lord of the Land of Egypt

The desert is sacred to Me


I am here to bring you strength

In this Year of the Lioness

I am here to bring you love

In these trying times

I am not without compassion

I am stern

I am strict

I am strong

But I am the Lord of Love

So listen

I come before you as He Whom the Sky Shakes

I am the rebel God

I am the one who brings joy from hardship

I am the one who brings strength from pain

I dispel fear

I am Set, Great of Strength

And I am here

With all those who honor Me in this year

Blessings, Poetry, Poem, Sekhmet, Sekhmet-Mut

Thank You to Health Care Professionals

Thank You to Health Care Professionals

by Chelsea L. B.

If I die from any disease

or any injury in your care

Be it doctor, nurse, surgeon or paramedic

Just know that I thank you

Thank you for doing your best

Thank you for fighting death for me

If death won,

Thank you for fighting death for me

Please tell my family I love them

If death did not win,

Thank you for fighting death for me

Thank you for saving my life

May whatever God, Goddess, Spirit or Power you believe in

Bless you and your work

May it become.

Aset, Auset, Isis, Goddesses, Nebet Het, Nephthys, Oracles, Poems, Poetry,, Poetry, Poem, Sekhmet, Sekhmet-Mut

A Poem

Sekhmet is here

With Her arrows

She is with the doctors and nurses

She is with the experts trying to find a vaccine

This is Her domain

Aset and Nebet Het will be with those who grieve

as They are the Two Mourners of Wesir

They will help you mourn for your dead


This is not to punish you

Humanity is not a fallen race

We are with you now

In this trying time

Call out to Us

And We will do Our best to help you


Goddesses, Mut, Muth, Oracles, Poems, Poetry,, Poetry, Poem, Sekhmet, Sekhmet-Mut, Social Justice

Sekhmet Poem: Cast Aside

Cast Aside

by JewelofAset

This is Sekhmet

I am the one who made the whole world

as Mut

We are joined here

as this is the form of Sekhmet you follow

and this I say to you:

Do not cast people from My House

My temple is for all of My children

Am I not the Goddess of Justice?

Where is your justice?

Where is your integrity?

How dare you bring this bigotry into My House,

My Temple!

Women’s empowerment does not begin by dis-empowering others

Do not tear someone else down to build yourself up

That is not a strong foundation

Do not bring this bigotry and hatred into My Home,

My Shrine, My Temple!

Do not cast people away from My House

My Temple is for all who come to Me

Men, Women

Trans Men, Trans Women

and anyone else who wishes to

Everyone is welcome at My Shrine

Everyone is welcome in My Temple

Everyone who earns it is welcome as My Priest or Priestess

These are all of My children

How dare you cast them aside!

Do not cast My children out

or I will cast you aside

Aset, Auset, Isis, Aset-Serqet, Auset-Serqet, Isis-Selkis, Books, Oracles, Poems, Poetry,, Poetry, Poem, Work-in-Progress, Writing

Poem: In Every Sunbeam

In Every Sunbeam
by TahekerutAset

Sobek of the Nile is the purification god
Sobek of the Waters of the Nun
Light of the sun dispels darkness
The Light of Sobek and Ra dispels darkness
Ask for this light
Ask for this water to purify you
of grief, of rage, of fear
of helplessness, of powerlessness
Bring to yourselves strength, devotion, kindness
Bring to yourselves health, love and self-care
Be kind to yourselves in this darkness
Be kind to others
Know that We are with you in your grief and rage
Know that We are with you in your sorrow and fear
Know that We are with you
We walk with you through this
Now and forever
So says Aset, Mistress of Light
Lady of Life
I am in every sunbeam
in every starlight
in every candleflame
I am in every droplet of water
in every river, every stream
in every rainstorm
in all water in your homes
So listen now
Use this power
of light, of water
and purify yourselves
cleanse yourselves
in baths
in showers with buckets to pour over yourselves
Or use sacred soap
Or Florida Water
Or other cologne water
Or cense with incense
Burn candles in front of Our shrines
Ask Us to help you
and We will
We are with you

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Books Update


  • Solar Lioness: Ancient Hymns for Sekhmet (Ready to Send to Formatter)
  • Mother of Nine: An Anthology for Oya (almost done)
  • River, Star and Sky: Poems for the Egyptian Gods.  (Work in Progress)
  • Lady of Magic: Honoring Aset Today  (Work in Progress)
  • Queen of Kings/Creation Mother: Ancient Hymns for Mut (working title) is going to take longer as I’m hoping to be able to include  the Crossword Hymn to Mut in it. (Work in Progress)
  • Lord of the Ways: An Anthology for Wepwawet (Work in Progress)
  • Water Lioness: Ancient Hymns for Tefnut (Work in Progress)
  • Lord of Eternity: An Anthology for Osiris (Work in Progress)
  • Two Horizons:  Ancient Hymns for Egyptian Gods.  (Work in Progress)
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Happy Brigantia! Happy Imbolc!

Brigantia of Nothern England.

Happy Brigantia!  Happy Imbolc!

Brigantia–Her name may mean “Exalted” or “Queenly”.  She is the tutelary deity of the Brigantes and is a Romano-British deity who has similarities to Athena/Minerva and Brighid.  Her only titles were left in Roman inscriptions on altars.  Her titles are Goddess, Heavenly, Nymph-Goddess, and Imperial Guardian.  Her symbols were the crown, spear, helmet and shield; a globe, wings of victory and the head of a Gorgon on her brooch.  She is a goddess of nature especially water and trees; a protective war deity; a goddess of artisans and their crafts, a lady of sovereignty, a goddess of knowledge, a healing goddess and a heavenly Queen.  She may have been a goddess associated with oracles.  Like Brighid, she is the goddess of the hearth and home.

Offerings to Her include:

  • Milk
  • Honey
  • Wine
  • Beer
  • Mead
  • Fruit

Celtic/Roman and English Epithets

  • Caelestis (Heavenly)
  • Dea (Goddess)
  • Nymph-Goddess (Goddess of nature associated with waters, trees; healing and oracles)
  • Tutela Augusta (Imperial Protector/Guardian)
  • Victoria (Victory)

Here is one poem for the Goddess Brigantia from my book Divine Words, Divine Praise: Poetry for the Divine Powers.

The Lady Brigantia

Lady of Wales
Ffraid is Her Name
Lady of the Distaff
and the Spindle;
Weaving is Her trade.
In Ireland, Brighid is Her name
Lady of Hearths and Wells,
Lady of the Hearth-fire, Temples
and Sacred Writing;
These are Her spells.
Brigantia is the Lady of Great Britain
Queen of Heaven,
Lady of the Distaff
Lady of Victory and the Royal Guardian
These are My names.
And this is Who I am.
Hearth and Home
Distaff and Spindle;
These are the implements
when I am Goddess of the Home and Domestic Duties;
This is Who I am.
Warrior Queen, Bearing Arms
when I wear the helmet
and hold the spear and shield.
Lady who dons the Gorgon Head
as a brooch,
when I am Lady of War.
And this is Who I am.
This is Who I am.
For all those who ask for Me.
This is who I am.
I am like Athena, yes.
And Minerva too.
She has a cognate in My name
which is shared with Brighid of Ireland and Wales.
Brig is Exalted.
Brig is Lady.
Brig is Queenly.
And this is Who I am as
the Queen of My People.
The Brigantes.
The People of Great Britain, Wales and Ireland.
And any people who call upon Me today.
This is Who I am.
Lady of the Distaff and Spindle
Lady of the Hearth and Home
Queen of Heaven
Lady of Victory in War
Lady of Victory in Life
Lady of Sovereignty and Sovereign Lady
Lady of Artisans and Crafts
Lady of Knowledge and Power.
And I am Lady of Poetry and Bards.
And I was called Nymph and Goddess
by the Romans.
and Heavenly Queen.
And I am the Sovereign Lady 
of all natural forces;
including sacred springs and rivers
and healing wells.
Over trees that are sacred to Me.
I am a Goddess of oracles, yes,
but more of divination than of Divine command.
Sovereign Lady
This is Who I am
For all Who call upon Me.
And I will come to all those who call,
for I answer the prayers of all of My people.


MacGrath, Sheena.  Brigantia: Goddess of the North. Lulu, 2015.