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Poem: Dispel Darkness

standing goddess NephthysDispel Darkness

by TahekerutAset

It’s My birthday

My day to shine

To be in the limelight

I am the Hidden Goddess

I am the one unseen

Yet I am always present

At every shrine

At every ceremony

At every temple space

For I am the Lady of the Temple

I guard the threshold between the holy and profane

I guard the shrine from impurity and all unholy things

I am the guardian

I am the guide

through shadow and darkness

I shine when darkness reigns

I dispel darkness with My light

The Sun’s power is Mine

since I am the Daughter of Ra

and the Eye of Ra

The Nile’s power is Mine

since I am the Daughter of Nut and Geb

The Storm’s power is Mine

since I am the Sister of Set

since I am the Mourner of Wesir with Aset

since the Nile’s flood is caused by rain

by the Two Sisters, who mourn Him

I am the Goddess

Who shines so bright

I dispel darkness

With My light