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Poem: No Darkness Can Withstand My Power

Aset with throne headdress
by Jeff Dahl

No Darkness Can Withstand My Power

by TahekerutAset

I am Aset, the Brightest Goddess in the Sky

I am Sopdet

I am the Solar Eye

I am the Moon when it is full

I am the stars filling the night sky with light

This is who I am

as the Brightest Goddess

I gleam

I glow

I shine

I illuminate all pathways, all roads

I dispel darkness

With light

I dispel fear

With candle flame

So, come to Me

When you are fearful

Come to Me

When you are afraid

And I will quell your fears

And I will give you the strength you need to endure

I am the Possessor of Strength

I am the Lady of Power

I burn away all fear with My flame

All darkness retreats from My light

For I am the Fiercely Bright One

And no darkness can withstand My power