6 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. Hello, do you do research on Mafdet / Mafedet / Maftet? and after the Egyptian gods, do you think to research other gods? thank you for making it on Wepwawet! good luck! take care, Siel Obscur

    1. I haven’t found much on Mafdet. Have you been to the Henadology website? There is a great article on Mafdet and other gods there.

      I’ve done research on other gods. If you look at my books page, you’ll find a list of anthologies I’ve contributed to. Some of them I’ve contributed an epithets list for such as First and Last (Hestia anthology) and Shield of Wisdom (a forthcoming Athena anthology).

      Thank you! Yes, Wepwawet is awesome!

      1. Oh no, I didn’t know this website! thank you very much for your informations! good job, and good luck for the future! 🙂

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