Queen of the Road

Cover Design by Andrew M.

Lady of Life.  Lady of Magic. Lady of the Stars.  These are some of the titles given to Aset, the ancient Egyptian Goddess commonly known as Isis. She is a goddess of kingship, sovereignty of Heaven and Earth, magic, knowledge, healing, divination and owns Ra’s Hidden Name.

Presented here is a collection of over 100 modern poems to the Goddess, exploring her myths, manifestations, aspects and mysteries.

Within Queen of the Road, you will find poetry which explores:

  • Her Aspects and Manifestations
  • Her roles as the Ancestral Goddess
  • Her Magic and Mysteries
  • Her Attributes
  • Her Family of Gods and Goddesses
  • Her Festivals
  • Messages to the People and Priesthood

Kindle version:  Queen of the Road

Paperback from Amazon:  Queen of the Road