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Review: Legendary Ladies Goddess Deck

The cover for the Legendary Ladies Goddess Deck.

The is a review of the Legendary Ladies Goddess Deck by Ann Shen.

Items Included

  • A sturdy box
  • 58 Colorful Cards
  • An 80 page guidebook

The Cards

There are 58 cards! Normally Oracle Decks have 44 cards so this deck has over 10 more Goddesses!

This art is beautiful! The cards are so colorful and great! I love the art! I do not like that they have Aset (Isis) as half naked. Her breasts are covered by her hair. Even Aphrodite and Hathor are fully clothed.

The cardstock is sturdy, but the cards themselves are on the larger side. The shuffling technique may need some adjustment for these cards.

The Goddesses included in this deck come from a wide range of traditions and cultures! Here are a few of them included:

  • Japanese: Amaterasu, Benten
  • Chinese: Kwan Yin, Chang-O, Hsi Wang Mu, Mazu, Nuwa
  • Vietnamese: Lieu Hanh
  • Hindu: Saraswati, Lakshmi, Parvati, Durga, Kali
  • Egyptian: Aset (Isis), Sekhmet, Hathor, Ma’at, Bast, Nut
  • Sumerian: Inanna, Atargatis
  • Norse/Germanic: Freyja, Hel, Ran
  • Celtic: Brigit, Morrigan, Arianrhod
  • Greek: Hecate, Athena, Aphrodite, Artemis, Demeter, the Muses
  • African: Yemoja (Yemaya), Oya, Oshun, Oba, Mami Wata
  • Mayan: Ixchel
  • Inuit: Sedna
  • Polynesian: Hina
  • Hawai’ian: Pele, Laka
  • Native American: Estsanatlehi

The Guidebook

It is 80 pages. There is no table of contents.

The art is colorful. On the pages about the cards, all the Goddesses are listed in alphabetical order. The Goddesses’ names are large and colorful so they are easy to find without a table of contents.

Each page about the cards has: the name of the Goddess, a keyword about them (Isis: Strength; Hecate: Magic), their place of Origin (Egyptian, Greek), a sentence about the Goddess, and then a sentence or two about the card meaning. I wish these had been broken up into two paragraphs (so the piece about the Goddess is one paragraph and then the second has the card meaning).

There is a companion book about the myths of each Goddess by Ann Shen: Legendary Ladies: 50 Goddesses to Empower and Inspire You.

I would highly recommend this deck, especially if you love the art style.