Aset, Auset, Isis

Lighthouse: Lead to a Safe Harbor

I love my CCTV. For those of you that don’t know, a CCTV is a device that helps visually-impaired people read. There are newer versions, but mine is old school. It is huge and heavy. It is an old computer monitor on top, connected with a curved neck to a tray at the bottom which moves back and forth so that you can put a book on it and the pages project onto the screen. There is a light for this and a knob to turn on the monitor. This device enables me to do the work I am doing for Aset and other deities.

If I try to read printed work without this device, I have to pretend I am a microscope and look so close to the words that my nose just about touches the page. I also use an Ott Light to help me see the words. An Ott Light is a special, bright light that mimics sunlight. They are also used to help visually impaired people see. Specialty stores in places called Lighthouse (non-profit organizations that help blind and visually impaired clients) have these lights and other devices (such as my CCTV) available to help those who need them.

The ancient Lighthouse of Alexandria had a patron Goddess, Aset of Pharos/Isis Pharia who would help travelers find their way through darkness from the sea to the shore. I find this both comforting and meaningful as an analogy for a guiding light in darkness leading people to a safe harbor.

For the Panegyric Festival of Thanksgiving of Aset today, offer Her bread or some other grain. And perhaps if you are able to, donate to one of the charity organizations listed on my resources page:  resources

And here is Lighthouse by Charice


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