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Khnum, Lord of Esna

Here is a great article on Khnum and Nit of the Temple of Esna (linked at the bottom). The Temple of Esna was called “Temple of the Two Souls” and Khnum’s Temple was called “Temple of the Father” while Nit’s Temple was called “Temple of the Mother”.

Khnum/Khnum-Ra Epithets
Earliest Primordial God
Good Protector
Lord of Esna
Lord of the Field
Lord of Life
Who Causes the Vegetation to Germinate
Who Creates All Beings
Who Creates the Gods and Forms Human Beings
Who Enlightens Egypt with His Rays
Who Exists at the Beginning
Who Keeps Creation Alive
Who Measures the Fields
Who is in His Great Place


4 Akhet
1 to 6-Festival(s) (Article does not say which ones)

3 Peret
1-Festival of Installation of the Potter’s Wheel and Festival of Raising Heaven

3 Shomu
13-Festival of the Visit of the Goddess Nit
20-Festival of the Victory of Khnum-Ra

Hallof, Jochen. “Esna”. UCLA Encyclopedia of Egyptology. 2011.


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