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Cast Aside

How dare you cast them out!
How dare you cast them aside!
Disown and disregard your children
with your own child-like whims and child-like reasons?
How dare you dismiss My son!
How dare you cast aside your child
who is different or who is not a copy of yourself.
You made a child, another person
Not a clone
Not a band-aid to fix your broken lives.
Or a way to live your unfulfilled dreams.
You created a whole other being.
Love that being.
Love that being for who they are, not who you want them to be.
If you cannot do this, then do not have children.
Do not come to My table having cast away your son or your daughter for being different than you are.
Do not cast away your child.
For if you do, I will cast you out.
Do not come to My table having cast your child aside
for being disabled
for being autistic
for being a lesbian
for being gay
for being chronically ill
For these are My people
I aid the disenfranchised.
Do not cast them away,
or child,
You will be the one whom I cast aside.


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