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Blessed Winter Solstice!

Resized_20180421_203720_5899_4I am the Eye of Ra

by TahekerutAset

I am an Eye of Ra

I am the Goddess of the Star,

Sopdet, Sirius

I am the Goddess of the Moon

When it is Full

When it is New

I am the Goddess of the Sun

The Solar Eye, the Fierce Goddess

I wield Flame, Magic and Blade

I am the Lioness, the Leopard, the Cobra

I am the Avenging Eye

I am the Lioness appeased at the Isheru-Lake

I am the Cobra whose tears created Humankind

I am the Raging One, I am the Pacified Lady

I am the Wandering Eye

I am the Goddess who returns and departs

I am the Sun as it moves throughout the Year

Days grow longer, Days get shorter

as I leave and return, as I return and leave;

This is My cycle

as the Goddess of the Solstice

in the Winter and Summer

And this too is My cycle

as Sopdet appears and departs from view

as the Moon reflects Ra’s light

as it waxes and wanes

All of these cycles are Mine

as the Eye of Ra.