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We Walk With You

“Candles”. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons –

My religion has many creation myths and all of them are true.  They tell us about creation.  Atum masturbated and Ptah spoke and everything was created. The Celestial Cow as Mut or Hethert or Mehet Weret or Nit gave birth to the sun god Ra and as She spoke everything was created.  Aset spoke the Word in the Beginning as did Nit and everything was created.

The other Gods, the air in the form of Shu, moisture in the form of Tefnut; Geb and Nut in the forms of earth and sky.  Ma’at and Life in the forms of Ma’at, Tefnut and Shu.    Ra, Shu, and the Eye Goddesses gave birth to light.  Wesir, Heru Wer, Set, Aset and Nebet Het were born and thus more was created by them.

Do you not see?  One became many.  Creation cannot exist without differentiation.  There are many Netjeru for a reason.  For each job to be performed, someone must be equipped to do it.  Some of Us have the same job, yet do it differently.  To borrow a phrase: Diversity is Our Power; Unity is Our Strength.

All of nature is touched by these Gods and Goddesses.  Sunbeams are Ra, Mut, Tefnut, Bast, Sekhmet, Aset and other solar Goddesses.  The air you breathe is Shu or Aset. The earth you stand on is Geb.

The sky you glance at is Nut or Hethert or Aset as Goddesses of day or night time sky.  The water you see in the rivers and streams come from the rain Goddesses, Aset, Hethert, Nebet Het, Nut and Tefnut.  The fire in our hearths and in our hearts are kindled by the Ladies of Fire and Flame.  The food you eat and drink come from the Gods and Goddesses of grain, fields and the waters of life.  The meat you eat come from the animals who are the theophanies of the Gods and Goddesses.

Sekhmet and Bast are both avenging Eyes of Ra.  So both can protect  Ra and devotees from evil and entropic forces.  Yet, Sekhmet is the goddess of surgeons and doctors, so going to the doctor is honoring this Goddess.  Being a doctor is doing the work of this Goddess.

Bast is the Guardian of the Granaries and thus the Guardian of the Home and the modern pantry.  Hethert is the Goddess of love, beauty, cosmetics and  women’s health.  Putting on make-up is honoring Hethert.  Wearing clothes that make you feel beautiful is honoring Hethert and Aset too since She is a goddess of beauty as well.

All goddesses are women so helping with women’s shelters, women’s rights, women’s employment and women’s agency is honoring all of the goddesses of women.  Single mothers can call upon Aset for guidance since She too is a single mother.

Bes, Taweret and Hethert guard the household, making  your home safe, beautifully decorated as you wish and livable is honoring them.

Seeking knowledge is honoring both Aset and Djehuty as the deities of magic, learning, schools and books.   Being a librarian is honoring Seshat, the female scribe and goddess of libraries.  Being a mathematician, scientist, engineer, and a physicist is honoring Djehuty, Seshat and Aset as deities of knowledge.

Sekhmet is the goddess of righteous fury and Tefnut is the goddess of fury and fury from grief; they can both assist with controlling righteous forms of anger.  All Eyes of Ra can teach about the appropriate use of rage.

Aset, Nebet Het and Bast are “She who dispels darkness”; so these three can help with mental health, depression and self-healing.  Aset and Nebet Het are guardians of the deceased and can aid in grief, despair and loss at losing a loved one, be they pet or animal.  Bast, Yinepu and Wepwawet can help with the grief of losing a pet as well as They are the guardians of cats and dogs par excellence.

Wepwawet can help open the paths to any outcome or destination.  He is there when you travel or when you reach a goal.  Heru Wer and Set are there when you experience hardship, change or necessary chaos.  Nebet Het is there when you experience grief and so is Set as the god of irrevocable change.

And Wesir is the King of the afterlife with Aset and Nebet Het as His Queens.  They care for the dead who have passed judgment.  Yinepu, Wepwawet, Aset, Nebet Het, Nut, Hethert and Mut are all guardians of the deceased.  The ancestors are taken care of and will help the living in this world. And they too are a part of our world.  In our thoughts, memories and the ancestor shrines.

Wepwawet, Sekhmet, Set, Sobek, Heru Wer and others are deities of war, soldiers and scouts.  They are gods of athletes, fighters, martial artists, warriors and fitness trainers.  Doing these activities honors these gods.

Ra fights to keep creation alive.  With all the Gods and Goddesses fighting by His side.  The entropic serpent enemy of the Gods is defeated every day so that Gods, Goddesses, humanity, animals and all of creation might live.  Everyone fights to keep creation alive. The entropic serpent is slain by Aset and Set every day.  They fight to save creation.

Every path has a destination and Wepwawet guides the way to all of them.  The point of life is to live it.  Enjoy it.  Ask for help when you need it and We will come.  As Aset made the Gods accountable for helping humans as She cared for Her son Heru.  We will aid any who ask with sincerity and an offering.

Enjoy your life and do what you love.  Ask for what you need.  And We will do Our best to help provide it.  Live with joy, fortitude, strength and love.  Live.  Life is sacred because it is Our gift to you.

We live throughout Our creation.  We are everywhere.

We walk with you.  Always.