Epithets of Nebet Het

Egyptian Epithets
Djerety—Two Kites (with Aset)
Ma’ati–Double Truth (with Aset)
Nebet Ihy-Lady of Joy
Senety–Two Sisters (with Aset)
Tasenetnofret-Beautiful/Good Sister
Weret Hekau-Great of Magic

Epithets in English
Acute of Counsel
August/Noble Uraeus
Beautiful Maiden
Beautiful of Face
Beautiful Uraeus
Beloved Sister
Bright Lady
Daughter of Nut
Daughter of Ra
Divine Sister
Excellent Ruler in the Office of Wesir
Eye of Ra
Female Cow
Goddess Who Hides Herself
Golden One
Golden One of the Gods
Great Maiden in Edfu
Great Maiden of Biga
Great One
Great One of ‘Ih
Great of Plans Who Judges the Words
Great Power of the Place of Wesir, Heru and Aset
Holy One
In the Cemetery/Grave
In the Earth of the Region of Silence
In Every Place Her Ka Desires to Be
Joyful One
Lady of the Beautiful House
Lady of Beer
Lady of Books
Lady of Dancing
Lady of Dual Shrines
Lady of Days
Lady of Destruction
Lady of Drunkenness
Lady of Healthy Flesh/Limbs
Lady of Heaven
Lady of Heaven, Mistress of the Gods
Lady of Jewelry
Lady of Joy
Lady of Lights
Lady of Love
Lady of Making Beautiful Days (Festivals)
Lady of Offerings
Lady of the Desert
Lady of the Gods
Lady of the Grain
Lady of the Face
Lady of the Flame
Lady of the Healing Laboratory
Lady of the House of Life
Lady of the Invocation Offerings of the Mound of the Shrine
Lady of the Mirror
Lady of the Sistrum
Lady of the Sky
Lady of the White Crown, Ruler of the Red Crown
Lady of the West
Lady of Renewal
Lady of Terrifying Gaze (lit. Lady Whose Glance Causes Terror)
Lady of What is in the Netherworld
Lady Who Hears
Lady of Writing
Long Haired Ones (with Aset)
Mistress of Eternity
Mistress of Joy
Mistress of Jubilation.
Mistress of the Apollonite Nome
Mistress of the Shrine of the Hawk
Mistress of the Temple of Ointments
Mistress of the Temple of the Sistrum
Mooring post
Mother of Heru
Mourning Woman
Nebet Ihy
Of High Voice
Of the Bed of Life
Of the Hidden Head
On the Head of Her Father
Ones Loving the Father (with Aset)
Princess of All the Gods
Protector of Her Brother
Protector of Her Brother’s Flesh
Protector of the King in the Great House of Heru
Ruler of the Two Banks
She Grants Gifts and Food
She Who Burns the Enemies of Ra
She Who Commands the Ennead
She Who Comes Out of the Arms of Aker
She Who Fills the Sky and Earth with Her Beauty
She Who Is On the Head of Her Brother
She Who Protects with Her Own Spirits
She Who Puts Her Son on the Throne
She Who Sends Flame Against Those Who Attack Her Majesty
She Who Stands Behind Her Brother
She Who Stands Behind Wesir
She Whose Bodies are Hidden
She Whose Flame Sears
Sister of the God
Sister of the Gods
Sister of Aset
Sister of Heru
Sister of Set
Spouse of Wennefer
Strong Armed
Strong of Power
Two Cows (with Aset)
Two Female Companions (with Aset)
Two Goddesses (with Aset)
Two Great Goddesses of the West (with Aset)
Two Kites (with Aset)
Two Mourners (with Aset)
Two Sisters (with Aset)
Two Songstresses (with Aset)
Two Uraei (with Aset)
Two Widows (with Aset)
Two Women (with Aset)
Who Begat Heru
Who Burns the Enemy of Her Brother Wesir
Who Gives Passage Through Light and Darkness
Who Pacifies Ra in His Birth
Who protects Her Heru
Who Raise up the Sun God Who Shines on the Horizon
Who Rejuvenates the Prince of the White Crown (Wesir)
Who Sends the Flame Around Her Brother Wesir
Who Sends Her Flame Against the Enemy of Her Brother
Who Sends Her Flame Against the Rebels
Whose Bodies are Behind Wesir
Whose Head is Hidden
Whose Soul Breathes
Young Girl


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