Aset (Isis)

The Goddess who owns me heart and soul is the Ancient Egyptian Goddess Aset (Greek: Isis).  She is my Spiritual Mother.  I get Her as the Kemetic Aset as opposed to the Classical Isis. There are differences in attributes and worship between them.

Aset is a healer, a magician, goddess of fertility and the home. Ruling the stars, sun and the goddess of Amenti, She is the Queen of the Dead. She is a fierce mother armed with a scimitar, cunning guile, knowledge of the ages and wisdom of the sage. She is an Eye of Ra (a cobra or lioness goddess) who protects the Sun God. She is the magical goddess who slays the Enemy of the Gods at night so that a new day may come at dawn. She mourns, rejoices, loves and weeps when Her husband is slain and Her son is born. She is an Avenging Goddess of both the Solar Eye and the Right of Kings. She is a solar goddess of flame, sovereignty and renewal through magical power. She is the trickster who will not be beguiled, the sorceress who will not be ruled and the cunning magician, weaving Her spells with magical words and Her knowledge of magical power.

She is the goddess of authority of rulers and the self.
She owns Her own power and only shares it with those whom She wishes.

She will aid all those who call upon Her for She is the Divine Mother.

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