Epithets of Wepwawet

• Adored One
• Adorner of the Uraeus
• Beautiful God
• Beloved of Ma’at
• Bull of Incense
• Champion of His Father
• Compassionate God
• Controller of the North
• Controller of Upper and Lower Egypt
• Controller of the South
• Controller of the Two Lands
• Deep within Nedfyt
• Divine Jackal
• Divine Power
• Elder
• Exalted Above the Gods
• Giver of Life
• Glorious Offspring
• Great God
• in the Ennead of Abydos
• Leader of the Gods
• Leader of the South and of the Two Lands
• Learned One
• Lord of Abydos
• Lord of Asyut
• Lord of Eternity
• Lord of Myrrh
• Lord of Nedfyt
• Lord of the Sky
• Lord of Lords
• Lord of the Lands
• Lord of the Sacred Land
• Lord of the Secluded Land
• Lord of the Shedshed
• Lord of the Two Lands
• Of Lower Egypt
• Of Upper Egypt
• One Who is Over Asyut
• One with Sharp Arrows
• Opener of the Body
• Opener of the Roads of the North, the Power of Heaven
• Opener of the Ways
• Peaceful
• Possessor of Ma’at
• Powerful One of the Two Lands
• Powerful of Strength
• Powerful of Vigor
• Racer
• Roving the Two Lands
• Ruler of the City
• Ruler of the Ennead
• Ruler of Rosetau
• Runner
• Son of Aset
• Son of Ra
• Southern Jackal
• Subdues and Overthrows All Potential Enemies
• Who is Deep within Asyut
• Who is Upon His Standard
• Who Runs Speedily

• Against the Aggressive One (Crocodile) and All Fishes
• Controller of the Two Lands
• The Avenger/Disturber/Savior of Asyut
• Great God
• Lord of Asyut
• Lord of Heaven
• Lord of the Sky
• One of Upper Egypt
• Possessor of Praise
• Treasurer (?)


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