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My Mother Aset

In many ancient hymns and prayers the Kemetic deities are referred to as Mother and Father or even both (*looks at Nit and Khnum*). As one creation story dictates, we are children of the gods. Humans were created from either Ra or the Eye of Ra’s tears (which came about out of either joy or rage, depending on the myth). Aset, as an Eye of Ra would share this attribute as well. As an aside, this seems very appropriate to me as Aset is shown as joyous or sorrowful and even an avenging Goddess when it came to the Wesir Mythos; so it strikes me as appropriate that as an Eye of Ra, She created humanity from either tears of joy or rage.

Aset is known as an Eye of Ra and a Fierce Mother. She protects Her son and husband with flame, while wielding a blade. She killed Set’s confederates with lances, wading in their blood. She commands poison to leave Her dying son; she called out to the Heavens–stopping the sun–with the Power of Her Voice and Ra’s Power which is Her Own. She raised Her son to avenge His Father. She is a Fierce Mother, but not an unkind one.

She’s generous, loyal and has compassion for the ill and poor. She’s known for Her many blessings She bestows upon those who honor Her–both in the ancient world and during modern times.

She is the faithful wife and mother. She cares for Her family deeply. Many healing spells show Her healing Her son. Other spells show Her protecting the deceased as well as Her husband. She is not without compassion. She is not without mercy.

But She is not the same mother as Hetharu. Hetharu is the Mother Goddess of the Kemetic Pantheon. Aset is a mother, but She is more a cunning magician and faithful wife.

Aset is the Single Mother who raised Her son alone. She is a Fierce Mother, a King Mother and Star Mother. She gives birth to celestial bodies as the Star Goddess and Heavenly Queen. She’s a Mother of Kings as the Mother of She Heru-sa-Aset who passes down the Kingly Ka through the lineage of Kings. And this is possible through His Mother who is the Goddess of the Ka passed down through family and religious lineages.

She is the Mother of Magic, the Goddess of the Ka which manifests as Heka (Ka-Power that is in motion to sustain life or that a magician directs toward a goal). This Power is Hers and She is its Mistress, par excellence.

She is the Mother of the King and divine power to rule. She is a Royal Goddess, a Queen of Earth and the Duat (Unseen realm) as well as Amenti (Land of the Dead). She is the Lady of the West and the Lady of Burial. She is the Mother of the Dead. She is the Mother of Divine Authority. She is the Mother of the Throne. Royal Power and Authority come from the ancestors and the Divine Powers of which She is One. She is One who gives the right to rule as the Mother of all Kings and all Monarchs.

She also gives us the right to rule ourselves. For She is the Mother of the King who stands for all People. Her son Heru-sa-Aset in those healing spells stand for all those who are sick and dying. As well as all those who would rule themselves. And of all those who would heal themselves.

She is the doctor, the wise women, the one who gives medicine, the healer and the sorceress who heals with Her spells. She is the Mother of Physicians. She is the Mother of Healers. She is the Mother of all Magic and Healing. And She stands in those spells for the Ones who know how to drive away illness or pain. It is Her Magic that heals. It is Her magic that dispels illness. It is Her magic that brings pain to its knees.

She is what darkness fears. For She is the Mother of Magicians. She is the Goddess of Power–both to own yourself and the world. She is the Goddess of Knowledge–both magical and mundane. She is the Goddess of Wisdom. She is the Goddess of Writing and Magic Spells. She is the Keen Sorceress, the Cunning Magician, the Cleverest of Gods; she is the One who Knows both Her Spells and all knowledge in Heaven and on Earth. She acquires Power through knowledge. She knows Ra’s True Name. She is the Goddess who drives away ignorance with knowledge as the Mother of Words of Power, who commands Power with Her Excellent Speech and Magical Words.

She is the Spiritual Mother of many people.

As for myself, I have referred to Aset as Mother and she was called such in antiquity. I have a parent/child relationship with my goddess. She has reinforced this with more than one personal experience.

This isn’t seen as a physical parentage, but a spiritual one. For me, this is like saying this deity made me, made my essence and the core of my being. This is who I am as I walk through the world. Aset is whose essence I most resonate with, whose energy I most connect with on a very profound and fundamental level.

Hail Mother of God
Mother of Magic
Mother of the Dead
Mother of Stars
and Mother of my very heart.


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