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Bright Week: Aset, the Fiercely Bright One

“Candles”. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

Aset, the Fiercely Bright One

Aset is a stellar and solar Goddess. Aset is an a daughter of Ra, an Eye of Ra and She can manifest as a lioness, cobra or leopard in this form.

She is a Sovereign of the Sun Disk and a Goddess of Dawn and Dusk.
She is the Goddess who guides the Sun Boat and destroys the Uncreated with Her magic. She is a fierce protector who destroys enemies with flame.

As Sopdet, She brings the New Year, appearing in the Sky when the Nile flooded the land. Sopdet is the brightest star in the sky apart from the sun.
She is the Lady of Stars and is a Goddess of the Starry Heavens.

In various myths, she is also the daughter, consort or mother of Ra.

Q&A Session

How do you honor Aset as a bright goddess? How do you see Her as a Bright Lady?