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Djehuty: Lord of Wisdom

Lord of Wisdom and Words

by Chelsea B.

Djehuty is the Lord of Wisdom

and the Lord of Law;

He is the Lord of Words

and careful phrases.

He is the Lord of Learning and Scribes.

He is the Lord of Hieroglyphs.

He is the inventor of writing.

He made the words.

He formed their sounds.

And He has this to say:

I am Djehuty,

Lord of Craftsmen like Ptah.

His tools are clay and paint,

while mine are words and ink.

Listen–if you need the words to flow

you need only look for what is in your heart.

What makes you heart sing with joy?

Write that.

Do that.

Your Mother would help you,

if you would only ask.

So stop and think.

What do you desire?

What brings your heart joy?

I am Djehuty, the Lord of Words and Wisdom.

I am the Crafter of Words and Invention.

I am the Educator.

I am the Word-smith.

I am the God of Scribes.

So ask, child.

And We will help you.