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Sekhmet Poem: Cast Aside

Cast Aside

by JewelofAset

This is Sekhmet

I am the one who made the whole world

as Mut

We are joined here

as this is the form of Sekhmet you follow

and this I say to you:

Do not cast people from My House

My temple is for all of My children

Am I not the Goddess of Justice?

Where is your justice?

Where is your integrity?

How dare you bring this bigotry into My House,

My Temple!

Women’s empowerment does not begin by dis-empowering others

Do not tear someone else down to build yourself up

That is not a strong foundation

Do not bring this bigotry and hatred into My Home,

My Shrine, My Temple!

Do not cast people away from My House

My Temple is for all who come to Me

Men, Women

Trans Men, Trans Women

and anyone else who wishes to

Everyone is welcome at My Shrine

Everyone is welcome in My Temple

Everyone who earns it is welcome as My Priest or Priestess

These are all of My children

How dare you cast them aside!

Do not cast My children out

or I will cast you aside

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Aset Luminous

Shrine of Aset with statues and lit candles
Shrine of Aset

Festival Names:  Procession of Aset, the Bright One, Mother of God a.k.a. Aset Luminous

Day: 4th Shomu, Day 2.

On my calendar this festival falls on July 2.

This festival commemorates Aset’s nightly search by torchlight for Her husband Wesir.  Candles, lamps and torches were lit for the Goddess.  Papyrus boats were launched in temple lakes.  The boats had prayers written on them with a light source to guide the way.

Ritual for Today

This ritual is what we do for this festival in the House of Netjer.

On Aset’s shrine you could have: an image or statue of the Goddess, a source of light from candles, lamps, LED candles or electric candles and offerings.

You will need paper and a pen or pencil or marker (not red).  You will also need a tealight and a lighter.

Write a letter, asking Aset for things you are thankful for.  Then on the other side, write a letter to Aset asking for things you need.  This paper later gets folded into the boat (start folding: thank you side up).

After the paper boats are made, fill a bowl, bathtub or sink with water.  A tealight is placed in each boat and they are put in the water.  The tealights are lit and the boats float on the water until the candles burn out.  (Please keep fire safety in mind).

Thank You/Gratitude Letter Ideas

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Pets
  • House/Apartment/Condo
  • Food
  • Health
  • Job
  • Other Things She has helped you with

Ideas of Things You Need

  • Vaccine for Covid 19
  • Good Health
  • Prosperity
  • Love
  • Self-Love
  • Healing
  • Healing from Grief
  • Fortitude and Strength
  • Job

Remember to eat the offerings when you are done.  And extinguish the candles.

About Aset

Aset is a goddess of sovereignty, kingship, magic of all kinds, life-power, personal power and authority, writing, words, gaining knowledge, honoring one’s ancestors, ancestral lineage and traditions, dreams, family relationships, self-love, alignment of the souls and healing.  She is also a goddess of Heaven, starlight, the night sky and the star Sopdet (Sirius).

For offering ideas, go here: Offerings of Aset.

I channeled this message from Aset about this festival.

(This is included in my book, Queen of the Road)

Aset Luminous (Aset, the Fiercely Bright One)

by JewelofAset

What are you doing for Her festival?

What will you do today for the Fiercely Bright One?

Light candles or lamps?  Sing a hymn?  Perform ritual before Her shrine?  What will you offer to the Lady?

What will you do today for the Mother of God?  The one who gave birth to Heru in the Marshes?  The sole Mother who took care of Her son?

What will you do for Aset, the Fiercely Bright One?  The One who leads the way in the darkness, dispelling shadows with Her light?  The stellar and solar goddess of the dawn.

What will you do today?  What will you accomplish?  What will you profess?

What will you ask Me in your letter?  What prayers and hopes will the boats carry on the water, with My light guiding the way?

What will you ask Me to dispel in your lives?  What will you ask Me to cultivate?

What will you do for the Fiercely Bright One?  What will you ask of the Brightest of Stars?  What will you ask of the Solar Goddess?

I am the Mistress of Magic.  I am the Goddess Who Knows Her Spells.  What I speak comes to pass.

Do not worry, child.  I will take care of you.

Who am I?  Am I not the Goddess who knows Ra’s Name?  Am I not the wisest and cleverest of Gods?  Am I not the Goddess of all magic, all heka, all life-power, all kau?

So what will you ask Me on My festival day?

The words you speak and write have power.  What I speak comes to pass.  What you write is your heart’s desire.

For what you do, what you say and what you write will become.


Aset Neferset, Auset Neferset, Isis Nepherses, Aset, Auset, Isis, Festivals, Goddesses

Birthday of Aset (Isis), Nepherses, Thrice Great Goddess

Shrine of Aset
Shrine of Aset

On my calendar, today begins the festival The Birthday of Aset, with the Beautiful Throne, Thrice Great Goddess.  This is a 19 day festival, lasting from June 26-July 14.  The Neferset/Nepherses epithet is associated with oracles, divination and dreaming.  Have a blessed holiday!


  • Give Offerings
  • Light Candles
  • Divination
  • Oracles
  • Dream Incubation


  • Water
  • Milk
  • Chocolate Milk
  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Birthday Cake
  • Chocolate
  • Fruit
  • Vegetables
  • Pasta, Rice or Cereal
  • Beef, Chicken or Vegetable Stir fry
  • Beef, Chicken or Vegetable Dumplings
  • Beef, Chicken or Custard Buns
  • Strawberries
  • Pastries


Frigga, Goddesses, Solstice

Blessed Midsummer!

Today is a sacred day within the Northern Tradition.  Blessed Midsummer!  Blessed Summer Solstice!

Frigga (Frigg) is the Germanic Goddess of the home, hearth, family, childbirth, weaving, spinning, craft-work, artisans, wisdom, folk magic and fate. She is the Queen of Asgard, First of the Goddesses, Mother of the Gods, Queen of Heaven, Wife of Odin, and Mother of Baldr.  She is a seeress as well and is the only one besides Odin himself who can sit on Hlidskjalf and see throughout all the Nine Realms.

She is also the Goddess of the Ancestral Mothers (Disir) and Norns.  She weaves the clouds and thus, the weather. She is the Goddess of the Orion’s Belt.


  • Apple Cider
  • Apple Juice
  • Cakes
  • Mead
  • Milk
  • Pastries
  • Pink Roses
  • Riesling Wine

Frigga_Cover_Andrew_Final_PDFI have published an anthology for Frigga which can be found here:  Queen of the Hearth: An Anthology for Frigga


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Summer Solstice: Departure of the Wandering Goddess

flaming_lioness_kindle cover

There are many Eyes of Ra celebrated at this time of year: Aset, Nebet Het, Nit, Sekhmet, Mut, Sekhmet-Mut, Bast, Bast-Mut, Hethert and Tefnut just to name a few.  An Eye of Ra is a title of many ancient Egyptian goddesses who protect the sun god, Ra with magic, weapons and flame.  They are the solar goddesses whose journey reflects the shortening and lengthening of days of the seasons of the year.  This is the time of Their departure.

So light candles and lamps.  Offer water, milk, beer or wine.  Offer food and drink to the Goddess as She goes to Nubia.

Let there be light, laughter, reverence, love, strength and peace throughout this time of year.  To all the F words: Faith, Family, Friendship, Forgiveness and Forever.

Have a blessed holiday.  Blessings of the Goddesses to you all!

I have books on many ancient Egyptian goddesses:

For several Goddesses:

For Aset (Isis):

For Nebet Het (Nephthys):

Social Justice

Black Lives Matter

The ancient Egyptian religion is an African religion since Egypt is in Africa.  The ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses are African gods and goddesses.  They are black deities.

Social Justice is a part of doing ma’at in the world.  Please support African-Americans and blacks all around the world in their struggle against racism, police brutality and inequality.

Black Lives Matter and Defend Black Voices.

Here are some organizations to donate to:


Black Lives Matter

Bail Project


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Book Updates

IMAG0134I hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy and safe.

Waiting on the Book Cover:

  •  Solar Lioness: Ancient Hymns for Sekhmet
  • Mother of Nine: An Anthology for Oya

Works in Progress:

  • Two Horizons:  Ancient Hymns for Egyptian Gods
  • River, Star and Sky: Poems for the Egyptian Gods
  • Water Lioness: Ancient Hymns for Tefnut
  • Lady of Magic: Honoring Aset Today
  • Queen of Kings/Creation Mother: Ancient Hymns for Mut
  • Lord of Eternity: An Anthology for Osiris
  • Lady of the Sky: Ancient Hymns for Aset
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Oracle of Seshet

image13I got the Oracle of Seshet by Rev. Normandi Ellis and Amy Auset Rohn a few days ago.  Here is a post of my initial impressions.

This deck is gorgeous.  Each card has a photo of a hieroglyphic term, name or concept from ancient Egypt with the name of it written in English below the photo.  Amy Auset Rohn’s photos are gorgeous, clear and easy to see.

The cards themselves are firm, good quality and easy to shuffle despite the small size.  The cards are smaller than I personally would have liked.  I prefer larger cards, but that’s just my personal preference.  The cards are easy to read, see and use.  I did find a possible error though.  The card with the cartouche on it did not have a word written on the card (Unless that was done in purpose.  I don’t yet have the companion book to tell).

Nine of the cards are also advertisements for both Rev. Normandi Ellis and Amy Auset Rohn’s other work.  On the one hand, I understand why they did this (in case you don’t get the companion book, you still get to know about their work) and on the other hand, I wish they had added more cards to the deck instead.

Some deity names included in this deck are Seshet, Set, Wadjet, Djehuty, Amun, Heru, Nut, Ra, Khepera, Ptah, Het-Hor (Hathor), Anpu (Anubis), Asar (Osiris), Ast (Aset) and Nebhet (Nebet Het).  (Yes, Nebet Het’s name is spelled Nebhet on the card.  I wish it had been spelled Nebthet instead.)  I was very happy to see these many deities in the deck.  On the other hand, I wish there had been more gods included like Sekhmet or Mut or Bast or Tefnut and Shu.

Much of the deck consists of concepts (some god/concepts too) such as Heka, Sia, Ma’at, Sekhem, Akh, Akhet, Hu, Ka, Ib, Hotep and Sahu.

The deck does come with three keycards with the list of the cardnames and some keywords so you know their basic meaning.  I loved that this was included especially if you haven’t yet gotten the companion book (Hieroglyphic Words of Power by Normandi Ellis) yet.  I have not gotten the companion book yet so this is just based on the cards.

Overall, I would recommend this deck to those who love ancient Egyptian deities, concepts and oracle decks.

More Information

Rev. Normandi Ellis

Website: https://normandiellis.com/

Amy Auset Rohn

Website: https://www.thegoddessinside.com/