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Simple Ways to Honor Gods and Goddesses

Some may find it hard to go into shrine right now.  Or maybe you just want something simple to do outside of shrine.  If you are looking for inspiration to honor Them outside of shrine, I have a few ideas:

1) Find them in the nature around you.  Shu, Nebet Het and Aset are associated with breath.  The Eyes of Ra manifests in the sunbeams or starlight.  Nut is the night sky.  Go outside and spend time with Them.  Breathe and think of Their Names.

2) Say a prayer before you eat, offer your meal and  then eat it.

3) Can you wear jewelry?  Wear something you’ve dedicated to them, like  a necklace, ring or bracelet.

4) You could wear clothes with colors that remind you of Them.  (Blue or purple for Aset, black or purple for Nebet Het, white for any of the Netjeru).

5) Is there a Netjeru over  your profession?  Offer your workshift to Them.

6) Do creative projects.  Call on Seshat or Djehuty for writing, call on Aset or Hethert for arts and crafts.

7) Do something you love and invite Them.

8) Offer to Taweret, Aset, Hethert, Mut or Bast and clean your home.  Offer to Bes or Bast or whomever to protect your home.

9) Breathe.  They are There.  Gods and Goddesses of air and wind are with you when you breathe.  So breathe.